martedì 31 maggio 2011

Performance Made for Official music video. Track: Under Seduction (Version) By. Dr Shinto. From the album "A Sonic Lobotomy" Featuring Nausicaa Roi & Tiger Orchid, with help from Alessandra Capolei. Editing by Dr. Shinto. Produced by Daniel Watson.

 ExtremeBodyArt/Fakir/SM Marriage Roses

Vans>La>Furka Videomalattie Kali Yuga Porn...the definitive version of "NOIA" is finally on sale...

"Noia - the M'Oskatresc chronicles" [V>L>F Proud.Action #05.2011]
- finally available the definitive version of the most weird and psycho homemade porn ever seen...the cd.r contains a mpeg file 15 minutes long whit the best from the first V>L>F proud-action remechanized whit an amazing split screen deconstruction and 2 new scenes.

10€ via paypal ( or postepay.